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How to add WordPress Category Name in URLs

By T.H 0 Comment October 31, 2017

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Adding categories and Subcategories in url are very helpful. By using this feature users can easily navigate to the categories and subcategories to find all the contents related to the subjects they are interested. Let’s see what are the default functions of WordPress for setting up the url and how your WordPress get category name.

WordPress has these options to select the url structure by default. Unfortunately, there is no option to add category name in WordPress urls directly from the backend. But don’t worry! You can still be able to set it easily. Here’s how your WordPress get category name. For doing this you have to go to Settings > Permalinks> see the screenshots below.

Wordpress get category name

Select the last Radio button (showing in the above screenshot) “Custom Structure” and write “/%category%/%postname%/” in the box. Hit the blue “Save Changes” button.


Now please make sure the page is looking like the screenshot given below.

Wordpress get category name


If you are getting the similar output showed on the screenshot above, you are done. If not, please reread the process once again. How you will understand you are done? Test the changes you have made earlier. For testing this, go any of the article/posts and see the article/posts link. If you can see the category name before the content url, you are all set. For example, this post’s url is “” here “tutorials” is the category name which is clearly appearing before the content url as we are using the custom structure to add the category name in the article/posts url followed by the instruction mentioned above.

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