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Top 10+ Web-Design Assets: Tools and Resources You Do Not Want to Miss

Top 10+ Web-Design Assets: Tools and Resources You Do Not Want to Miss

By Nannie Nova 0 Comment September 26, 2019

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There is no doubt that web-developers want to work smarter. The number of tools is constantly rising. They are being released all the time. To be honest, there is always something that will suit your workflow. In this article, you will find 10+ web-design assets that allow getting more inventive and creative. Thanks to them, pulling your perfect design will not be a challenge. You will have so many resources to choose from. What can be better than this? You can go complex and implement all your ideas into life. Below, you will find two categories of instruments. If you are ready to invest money in the premium solutions, the first one is waiting for you. The second one includes tools that you can get for free. Explore all of them here and now…

Best Web-Design Tools (Premium Variants)

ONE Subscription by TemplateMonster

Top 10+ Web-Design Assets: Tools and Resources You Do Not Want to Miss

ONE web-development kit is an effective subscription service that will make sense for those who care for high-quality digital items. It accumulates a marvelous collection of products. You will get access to such elements as:

  • WordPress themes;
  • eCommerce templates;
  • presentation templates;
  • various graphic elements;
  • powerful plugins;
  • and other instruments.

In addition to this, all subscribers get the following exclusive benefits:

  • unlimited installation;
  • a wide array of extra services;
  • client care and support.

Website Templates

Top 10+ Web-Design Assets: Tools and Resources You Do Not Want to Miss

If you are looking for the real estate template wordpress, you will find them here. These ready-made solutions are ready to offer you everything you might need. These include many pre-made pages, customization options, and additional tools. There is also an impressive set of topics you can choose from. Their uncluttered designs will help readers to concentrate on the presented information.

Novi Builder

Top 10+ Web-Design Assets: Tools and Resources You Do Not Want to Miss

Novi Builder is often called one of the best HTML design tools. However, not many people are ready to take on trust. We want to describe this variant in a few words. This relatively young drag-and-drop builder offers three main modes. Both web-developers and beginners will find something to meet their needs. This best code editor for web-design also allows:

  • importing every HTML template you want;
  • choosing from a big collection of pre-made templates included in the subscription;
  • using such additional plugins as social icons, subscribe forms, and sliders.

Maintenance Services

Top 10+ Web-Design Assets: Tools and Resources You Do Not Want to Miss

Not each of us has enough time to manage his or her WordPress website. In this case, we need someone to get everything done instead of us. Make sure to check out these website maintenance services. The team will perform the following tasks:

  • plugins updates;
  • security protection;
  • WordPress engine update;
  • performance check and optimization;
  • monthly activity reports;
  • emergency care;
  • and many others.

Landing Page Templates

Top 10+ Web-Design Assets: Tools and Resources You Do Not Want to Miss

We have already talked about the best web-page design tools in the form of different website templates. Now, we want to focus on getting familiar with different landing page templates. As you may know, such kind of website should make a great first impression. These packages include everything capable of influencing your audience. Take advantage of pre-designed pages to present your business, its benefits, team, contacts, and other details.

Icon Sets

The next useful asset we want to speak about are icon sets. These collections of icons are connected by the same ideal. As an example, you can find variants intended for social networks. Other solutions are perfect for engaging people during different holidays. The benefit of them is obvious. You can easily provide your online-project with a special and professional look that stands out from the crowd.

WordPress Plugins

What is one of the best ways to boost the functionality of your online-projects? Get ready to move your project beyond the standards using a wide range of WordPress plugins. There are many challenges you can solve using them. They allow switching to drag-and-drop functionality. In addition to this, you can easily increase user-engagement with these up-to-date plugins. Achieve all the goals you want together with them.

Best Website Design Tools (Free Variants)

Themes from

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy the best web-page design tools. For this reason, we should also make certain you are familiar with free instruments. To start with, there are many free WordPress themes presented on their official source. Among them, you will find variants for such topics as:

  • food;
  • education;
  • business;
  • online-store;
  • fashion;
  • and others.

You will always get amazing creative freedom that will not give you any limits.


Are you looking for various free vectors, stock, photos, PSD files, and icons? You can always find them on Freepik. This largest platform of high-quality graphic resources always has something to offer you. Each of its elements can help you to bring your ideas to life. You can adapt them to any creative project your soul wants without any effort.


Pexels is ready to provide you with high-quality stock photos and videos. All of them are shared by talented creators. What is more, you can get them all for free. Their team always works on updating the base and making it bigger. For this reason, you will certainly find something to your taste. All photos are searchable and easy-to-discover thanks to a great website organization.

It may seem that you need to take so many decisions connected with website-building. However, you can make everything easier together with these web-design assets. When you have troubles, it is possible to turn to them. Moreover, they can provide you with creativity you have always been dreaming about. We really hope that our post will provide you with the instruments you expected to find. Check them out once again and get inspired. Thanks for reading!

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