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Getting Your Online Course Landing Page Website Ready: How to Craft a Promotional Tool?

By Lana Miro 0 Comment April 22, 2020

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The Internet provides an extensive set of programs and courses. These days, it does not matter in which topic you want to become more knowledgeable. It might be physics, drawing, photography, movie making, web development, and many others. You can find an advanced course where trainers or teachers will explain everything to you. Anyway, almost each of them started by creating an online course landing page website.

What does distinguish an online course from other methods of studying?

  1. A learning environment without pressure.
  2. The opportunity to feel comfortable and concentrated during the lesson.
  3. It is more flexible and interactive.

Today, we want your online-project to have all of these options. To find out how to do this, we have chosen such an HTML template as Lintense. One of its demos is an excellent variant for promoting your online course using a landing page. Let us look through its essential features and understand whether it will be your reliable assistant.

What Is an Online Course Landing Page Website?

Before getting familiar with this template itself, it is crucial to know what to include on your landing page. In general, it presents carefully-chosen and specific information about your course. It should encourage people to choose your offer. To be honest, it is better for presenting a single course. In such a way, we are talking about the main difference between a landing page and a typical homepage.

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Thanks to your landing page, it is possible to achieve the following goals:

Essential Elements to Include in Your Online Course Landing Page Website

1. Come Up With an Engaging Headline

First of all, you need to create an eye-catching and effective landing page headline. It should be something that spreads your message. As you can understand, that cannot be an ordinary headline. Hello and choose my course is not the best variant to select. You need to describe your course and showcase its value. You can also share a few additional details to draw more attention.

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2. Inform People About Your Course and Its Details

Then, you can present all the necessary aspects of your course. These include the following ones:

  • data of your course;
  • how long will it take;
  • how many seats are available;
  • price for your course.

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After this, you can present a detailed description of your course. In other words, it will be a summary of what people will learn during the course. Do not forget about a CTA button that allows your target audience to book it.

In addition to this, you can tell your potential customers who can benefit from taking your course.

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3. Create an Original Message for Your CTA

An efficient CTA is a crucial component that can bring you more traffic and lead conversion. In such a way, people are going to know what to expect from your course. Thanks to these action points, you can influence the decision of people. When they arrive at them, it is possible to lead them further and assure them of opting for you. Get familiar with these 31 call-to-action button examples to get inspired.

4. Make People Rely on Your Course

As an example, you can make your online-project more trustworthy by showcasing your team. You can tell people who their tutors will be. Show their photos, essential achievements, spheres of interest, and other pieces of information you consider to be useful.

5. Speak About Your Course Program

Another aspect of your course that your audience can have an interest in is your course program. You can divide these details into days. Tell people what they should wait during each of the course days. 

Furthermore, you can tell your visitors how they can get access to your course.

6. Provide a Simple Registration Process

Without a doubt, people do not want to spend lots of time signing up for your course. Do not ask them to share many pieces of information about them. It is better to focus on:

  • first and last name;
  • email address;
  • phone.

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Do not forget about social media integration. It is a way to make your course more widely-popular.

We have also decided to include a few opinions about Lintense course landing page template to help you in making a choice.

John Kenneth

March, 2020

l do like this template because it makes things much more comfortable, thanks to an easy-to-use builder.

Rian Walker

November, 2019

A great theme. It is very easy-to-adjust for your personal needs. Moreover, its speed is quite fast on both mobile, tablet, and desktop computers.

Jaroslav Mašek

August, 2019

I have got this theme for my client, and he loves it. Novi Builder was a new experience for me, but I clearly understood that I had to give clients something easy-to-edit. A drag-and-drop editor was a solution. The overall editing process simplified the workflow.

You can also get familiar with the top 10+ web-design assets that can help you to build a perfect landing page.

Some Examples of the Incredible Online Course Landing Page Website

Without a doubt, it is impossible to leave you without the most impressive examples of the related online-projects. For this reason, we have searched for different online courses. Among them, we have managed to find three remarkable examples that might also attract you.

I Draw Fashion

Sphere: Fashion

Start Social

Sphere: Business

European Tourism Careers

Sphere: Tourism

We hope that it will be easy for you to build your online course landing page website using this HTML template. Yet, if you decide to choose another one or create your original online-project, keep in mind that:

  • you need to put information first;
  • you need to allow people to share your pieces of content;
  • you need to forget about including elements that might distract others;
  • you need to assure people of choosing your course by presenting engaging messages and call-to-actions.

Target people who will adore being a part of your course. Give them the motive to join you and become smarter. Thanks for reading!

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